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It's time to get the support you need to launch your book in the best way possible. The launch sequence doesn't have to be a mystery. With book launch expert Anna LeBaron's monthly membership program, you'll learn how to skyrocket your own book or how to lead a launch team for others.

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Launching a book, whether it's your own or someone else's, can be a daunting task. 

But it doesn't have to be.

This engaging community gives you the tools, tips, and tricks you need to run a SuperCharged Book Launch Team that delivers results.


Click to join for only $25 a month

So what is included in your membership?

Book Launch Coach is a monthly membership site to support you before, during, and after your book launch. Here's what you get when you join:

Training Library

We've included Anna's $1297 course and added it to the training library. You'll learn how to run a private facebook group, get book reviews, and run your launch team.

Supportive Community

You'll also get access to our growing facebook community of other authors and publishers. This is a place to ask your questions and share your wins!

Monthly Calls

Each month, Anna will host a live video training sharing the latest techniques from her experience as a book launch coach. You'll be able to attend live and the recording will be added to the training library.

Growing Your Platform

A huge part of launching a book is growing your platform! This membership will give you the insights and next steps to preparing for a book launch by building your social media platform!

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Meet your coach

Anna LeBaron

Anna LeBaron is an author, book launch expert, and social media strategist who is blazing new trails for the publishing industry. With the help of #the4500, a national network of readers and bloggers, Anna rogue-launched Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love (a New York Times bestseller) in 2015.

Since For the Love, she has employed her enthusiastic and intuitive approach to social media to successfully launch other titles from a long list of publishers, as well as her own memoir, The Polygamist’s Daughter (Tyndale, 2017). In addition to For the Love, these titles were also catapulted to the New York Times bestseller list: Ruth Wariner’s The Sound of Gravel (Flatiron, 2016) and Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie (Thomas Nelson, 2017).

Anna is also a speaker, an author coach, and personal growth activist. She refers to herself—and is affectionately known—as the Cat Herder and has the endorsements on LinkedIn to prove it. 




"Anna LeBaron's enthusiasm and passion for promoting books is inspiring! Her ability to bring together and lead a nationwide, enthusiastic network of book bloggers and reviewers for my debut memoir The Sound of Gravel was amazing. She responds quickly and is a total natural on social media. She and her launch team helped make my book an instant New York Times bestseller. Anna is a pleasure to work with and is always bursting with positive energy and great ideas. I can’t thank her enough!"

Ruth Wariner
Author, The Sound of Gravel

"We first learned of Anna LeBaron’s prowess in building, managing and motivating highly effective – make that rabid – author street teams with her work for Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love release in August 2015. Since that fan-fueled best-seller, Anna has captured incredible best practices that any author (and her publisher) who is motivated to succeed can utilize to build their personal platform, not just into a fan base, but into a career-building sales engine."

Jeff James
Vice President of Marketing, Nelson Books

"I’ve worked with a lot of professional marketing groups. Anna LeBaron’s intuitiveness, her hard work ethic, her ability to rally people and get momentum behind a book launch is second to none. I’m thankful for all that she’s done for A Mile Wide. And if you have the opportunity to work with her, I would really recommend you do it. "

Brandon Hatmaker
Author, A Mile Wide

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